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Re: Question Destination Host Unreachable (David Walden)
Re: None Network unreachable == routing problem (David Hinds)
Re: None RE: Network unreachable == routing problem (David Walden)
Date: 2000, Jan 05
From: John Jervis JohnJ

I don't agree that "network unreachable" is *always* due to routing problems, though this is the common reason. My Olicom GoCard multifunction eth/modem card gives this, but /var/log/messages shows the following when pinging an external address (i.e. not itself):

<date> <node> kernel: eth0: timeout waiting for Tx RDC.
<date> <node> kernel: eth0: pcnet_reset_8390() did not complete

and repeats this ad infinitum.

Is this why the Olicom card is no longer in the latest list of supported cards?

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