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Question Hw. address read/write mishap 2 with i1500 and IBM Ethernet II 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 09
From: Tim Gerla timg

I've been having problems for a long time with my IBM Thinkpad i1500 machine and this IBM Ethernet II network card. It works fine with a very specific configuration of kernel 2.2.12 and tools 3.1.8.

I'm currently trying to run kernel 2.3.99 with the tools 3.1.8, with teh built in pcmcia modules.

As soon as I insert the card, it is detected properly, I get an irq, io address, etc. The hardware address shows up properly, but I get the following messages in my syslog:

coruscant kernel: eth0: pcnet_reset_8390() did not complete.
(NE2000 Compatible stuff detected here)

Then I get:

Hw. address read/write mishap 2
Hw. address read/write mishap 4

An ifconfig shows everything in order, but I can't ping any outside hosts. I can ping myself, though. From the outside, it looks like a cable problem, but it is not.

For reference, the same exact problem occurs with a similar NE2000 compatible Kingston adapter. (KNE-PCM/M)

It's also happened with 2.2.13 and a recompiled tools set. I had to revert to 3.1.8 and 2.2.12 for things to work properly though.

An IBM modem card works fine. Another odd symptom: If I insert the modem card in slot 0, then insert the network card into slot 1, the entire kernel freezes. If I try popping out the network card, it goes into an infinite loop of "eth0: interrupt from stopped card." Nothing stops this, not even the magic sysrq key.

Any ideas? I'm getting sort of frustrated stuck with 2.2.12.



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