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Question OZ6832: "eth0: interrupt(s) dropped!" 

Forum: PCMCIA Network Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 09
From: Axel Thimm Axel


I have an as it seems common problem for O2Micro (at least on
Acer notebooks).

If my network card already receives packets during the
initialization of pcmcia-cs (either at boot time or
when plugging in the card with the connector attached),
I get dropped interrupts and some exit status 0x80.

If I start pcmcia with the cards connector detached and
attach it after the two beeps everything is perfect.

I already tried every possible solution to no extend,
- excluding all possible interrupts that might conflict
  (and it should not be an interrupt conflict, as I get
   almost 1MB/s on this cheap 10Mbit card)
- module "pcnet_cs" opts "mem_speed=1000 delay_output=1 delay_time=20"
- any combination in
  PCIC_OPTS="pci_int=9 irq_list=11,9 pci_csc=0 do_scan=0"

If it were not for trying to patch up the kernel with the
swsusp patch, I'd call this bug cosmetic, but it messes up
the suspend/resume cycle (I can overcome this by remembering
to remove the card before suspend, but I forget and the
machine messes up.)

System info:
Hardware: Acer TravelMate 513T, O2Micro 6832
          Longshine NE2000 compatible TypeII card.
Software: i686-pc-linux-gnu with 2.2.14 kernel (RedHat 6.2 but
          non RH modified kernel)

May  9 20:06:08 pua cardmgr[3108]: executing: './network start eth0'
May  9 20:06:10 pua kernel: eth0: interrupt(s) dropped! 
May  9 20:06:10 pua kernel: eth0: Too much work at interrupt, status 0x80 
May  9 20:06:21 pua last message repeated 562 times

Thanks, Axel Thimm.

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1. None Re: Question: OZ6832: "eth0: interrupt(s) dropped!" by David Hinds, 2000, May 11

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