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Question OvisLink LFS-PCM-32 not working unless in promiscous mode

Date: 2000, Jun 13
From: Miguel mtavares

I've notice this strange behaviour when using the refered in the subject.

After inserting the device and cardmgr beeps twice, so I guess that it is being recognize, I canot ping to the outside of my computer. But, if I start a tcpdump (getting eth0 in promiscuous mode) then I'm able to ping, althoug the network connectiong doesn't seem very reliable.

This board is being identified as a tulip_cb, so my guess is that I'm probably missing some configuration parameters.

More information (that I hope can help): - The computer is a Toshiba 4070CDS - I'm using Suse 6.4 with the upgraded pcmcia package ('thou I wouldn't mind having to compile and install it myself).

		Best regards to all


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1. None You may have to live with that for now by David Hinds, 2000, Jun 14

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