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Question PCMCIA ALAS sound driver 

Forum: Unsupported PCMCIA Devices
Date: 2000, Feb 23
From: Steve Feil stevef

I have seen some high quality PCMCIA sound cards advertised
on the web, however I am disappointed that PCMCIA sound cards
are not supported in Linux.

I have one company in mind that may be willing to supply the
specifications for a PCMCIA sound card they produce.

I would be willing to learn how to write a driver, however
right now I'm just gathering background information.

According to what I have read, the reason that PCMCIA sound
cards are not supported in Linux, is because they use DMA. 
Going on this assumption I have four questions, which I'm 
posting to the PCMCIA mailing list as well as the one for ALSA.

1. Is DMA used on PCMCIA cards other than sound cards?

2. Have any PCMCIA DMA drivers been written for Linux?

3. Can a DMA driver written for a PCMCIA card (other 
   than sound) be easily adapted for a sound card?

4. If a PCMCIA DMA driver module were written, how easy would
   it be for a ALSA module to interface with the DMA module?

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1. None It is a difficult issue by David Hinds, 2000, Feb 23

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