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Question howto motivate people writing drivers? 

Forum: Unsupported PCMCIA Devices
Date: 2000, May 12
From: chris navaryder

Hi all,

Sorry for asking this sort of dumb question. I've been checking the hardware-howto several times in the last years and haven't seen any progress on the pcmcia-sound front. I'd really *love* to see a card supported as this would mean sound for my wearable computer.

So, what is needed to convince one of you driver-coders to write something? (eg. free sample card, $$$, eternal gratitude...) I'm sure there's quite a bunch of other people waiting for this. Would any of them be willing to aid in 'motivating'? (we could set up a fund or something)

thanks, chris

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1. Sad No easy answer for this either by David Hinds, 2000, May 12

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