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None Re: Idea: Bug in fcpcmcia_cs.c for FRITZ!Card pcmcia from AVM 

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Re: Question AVM Fritz ISDN Card troubles. (Andreas Fink)
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Re: Idea Bug in fcpcmcia_cs.c for FRITZ!Card pcmcia from AVM (Marc Beuchat)
Date: 2000, Aug 27
From: Andreas Fink afink

At 06:24 27-08-2000, you wrote:
>I did some debugging of the source code and discovered that the
>fcpcmcia_cs: sets up the request io structure for Port1.
>fcpcmcia_cs: calls CardServices() with function RequestIO and request io structure. 
>cs: function RequestIO calls request_io() with the request info.
>cs: request_io() calls alloc_io_space() for Port1. This is when the "odd io request" message is generated.  However the function returns normally.
>cs: request_io() calls alloc_io_space() for Port2. This calls ends with an error.
>request_io() calls alloc_io_space() for Port2 since fcpcmcia_cs
>initializes the socket structures for both ports (see line 164 and 165
>of the source code in function fcpcmcia_attach). However, when it calls
>CardServices() with function RequestIO, it does not specify the base
>address for Port 2, hence the error.
>To fix the problem, I commented out lines 164 and 165 in fcpcmcia_cs.c:
>  link->io.NumPorts2 = 16
>  link->io.Attributes2 = IO_DATA_PATH_WIDTH_16
>With this change, the card configures correctly. Unfortunately I do not
>have access to an ISDN line today to test if the card actually works!! I
>will check this tomorrow and post the results.
>I will also ask AVM support to confirm if the use of Port2 is necessary
>or if this is a bug. Let's see!

Hey good work! I was guessing that this could be something like that but I was not sure if that part is in the pcmcia driver or the card driver.

Now for the card driver, it should also be possible to use the hisax driver instead as the card is supported in the kernel. I must say that I don't like the  AVM supplied driver because its 100% based for the Suse distribution and SUSE does everything different. Just to make the developers life easier. Recompiling the drivers for my RedHat kernel was a small nightmare until I fixed the Makefile coorrectly. Install of course does put the files at the wrong place and so on. So I prefer to try to fix the hisax driver because that means its also going to work on other platforms like PowerPC or Alpha. I've heard that the card might not work with PowerPC because of the byte order. When I get home to my ISDN line I will try your fix and I will also see what happens on my PowerBook G3.

Andreas Fink

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