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Question How to handle a CardBus card without manfid? 

Forum: Unsupported PCMCIA Devices
Date: 2000, Sep 01
From: Albrecht Dress Albrecht.Dress

I currently try to hack a driver for a IEEE1394/FireWire CardBus Card by Newer Technology. The card is based upon the TI PCI-Lynx chipset, and a "normal" driver is available from the ieee1394 project, which I try to use.

Unfortunately, the card is not recognised at all upon insertion. I hacked around in the cardmgr sources and added some debug info to find the cause. The problem seems to be that at the beginning of lookup_card within cardmgr.c the ioctl() call returns 0, but has_cis is also 0. The check for a funcid.func does also not work as its value is 0xff.

Maybe I should add that the card was designed for a Mac. I can see it using lspci, but all io and memory resources are disabled ("Control: I/O- Mem- BusMaster- etc.). Might this be the cause of the problem? Any other idea how I could it get being recognised?

Thanks for your help, Albrecht.

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1. None Fixed in latest drivers by David Hinds, 2000, Sep 01

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