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Question support for PPC 8xx 

Forum: Non-x86 PCMCIA Issues
Date: 2000, Aug 08
From: Matthew Locke mlocke

I see options for 8xx in the modules/Makefile (3.1.18) but I don't see the source files, m8xx_pcmcia.c. I know Magnus Damm did the work for 8xx in pcmcia-cs 3.1.10. Did his changes/additions get incorporated into the main source tree? If not any plans to do so?

I have Magnus' patch against 3.1.10. I am going to move into 3.1.18, but I would like not to have to do that for every new version.

btw, I work for Montavista, an Embedded Linux distributor. We are going to include card services in our distribution for a variety of platforms, PPC (7xx,8xx) x86 and SA.


Matthew Locke
Montavista Software

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