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None Re: I've been waiting for more feedback 

Forum: Non-x86 PCMCIA Issues
Re: Question support for PPC 8xx (Matthew Locke)
Date: 2000, Aug 08
From: Matthew Locke mlocke

David Hinds wrote:
> I have not heard from Magnus Damm for a while.  The last time we
> talked, I had incorporated some of the infrastructure needed for the
> 8xx driver but had not fully merged it in.  I asked him to test some
> things for me and haven't heard from him since then.
> So the long term plan is to merge this in, but since I can't test it,
> it is gated on other people checking things for me.  If you can update
> the patch for 3.1.19 and verify that it works, and pass it by Magnus
> for comment, I'll apply it.

I will work on updating the patch for 3.1.19.  However, with LinuxWorld
next week, I probably won't start for a week or two.  Let me know if you
hear from Magnus, so we don't repeat work already done.

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