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None The irq thing is easy; I'm not sure about the bus problem 

Forum: Non-x86 PCMCIA Issues
Re: Sad "no valid ROM images found!" on 3.1.12 pcmcia-cs: How can I deal with it? (Tsuneya Watabe)
Date: 2000, Mar 10
From: David Hinds <>

First, the interrupt problem: that one is my mistake.  I think this
should be fixed in the 10-Mar-00 beta on in

In 2.2.*, the Cardbus drivers will generally use the PCI bus numbers
assigned by the BIOS, unless they are left unassigned.  I think the
2.3.* kernel may renumber PCI busses automatically.  That may be a

However, you say you have the same "no valid ROM images" problem with
2.2.15pre9 and later kernels, and that makes less sense to me.  Is it
possible that you tested these kernels after warm booting from 2.3.*,
and the 2.3.* bus settings might have survived the warm boot?  I would
carefully look at the bridge probe messages for each kernel after a
cold boot to see if there is a difference between the 2.2.15pre7 and
the later (broken) kernels.

-- Dave

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1. Feedback Thank you for suggestions; beta solved IRQ problem and bus numbering was my fault. by Tsuneya Watabe, 2000, Mar 12

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