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News Success with Panasonic KXL-RW10A (aka HP 820) 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Mar 02
From: Bill Randle billr

Thanks to all the hints in this newsgroup regarding the HP 820 and the Workbit Ninja SCSI card, I was able to get my new Panasonic KXL-RW10A up and working this afternoon. This uses the same KME scsi card used by the HP 820. [In fact, I read somewhere that the HP is simply a rebadged Panasonic, but I don't know for sure.]

In any event, I used kernel 2.2.14, pcmcia-cs-3.1.11 and the Ninja driver package from

I used the supplied config info from the Ninja package, changing the version line to:

	version "KME    ","SCSI-CARD-001","1"

Note that the four spaces after KME are very important, otherwise it won't get recognized. [The version line in Fortunato Navaro's posting about the HP 820 had only a single space.]

It does work only in 16-bit mode, so you must make sure the little slide switch on the PCMCIA card is set to "16bit".

Thanks to all here, and especially Dave, for a great package.

	-Bill Randle
	Tektronix, Inc.

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