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Question Panasonic KXL-783A: Let's try this again... 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Mar 28
From: Mike Bilow mbilow

I am thinking of taking yet another stab at a driver for the Panasonic KXL-783A CD-ROM drive. I looked into this about a year ago and gave up any hope of getting reasonable documentation, but several months later a package arrived in the mail from QLogic. So, in theory, I have some documentation on hand.

Things seem to have progressed a great deal since I last looked at this. I am running on Debian Potato, which uses a 2.2.14 kernel and 3.1.8 of PCMCIA card services.

The driver comes up and reports:

    scsi0: Qlogicfas Driver version 0.46, chip 50 at 250, IRQ 5, TPdma:1
    scsi: 1 host

Then, after a few seconds, it reports:

    scsi: 0 hosts

Apparently, the card is recognized by something, as "cardctl ident" reports:

    product info: "KME ", "KXLC003", "00"
    manfid: 0x0032, 0x0504
    function: 8 (SCSI)

Some strangeness... if I "exclude port=0x250-0x25f" (which is often used for power management stuff), the card comes up and reports "chip 50 at A50, IRQ 9" instead. But the card is not supposed to end up on 0xA50, as "dump_cis" reports in part:

    * * *
    cftable_entry 0x25
      io 0x240-0x25f [lines=10] [16bit] [range]
    cftable_entry 0x27
      io 0x280-0x29f [lines=10] [16bit] [range]
    cftable_entry 0x26
      io 0x260-0x27f [lines=10] [16bit] [range]
    cftable_entry 0x24
      io 0x220-0x23f [lines=10] [16bit] [range]

All Qlogic ISA cards are on 0x230, according to the driver source code comments. This does not apply to PCMCIA.

Is anyone else working on this? Does anyone care about the KXL-783A anymore? Why is the KXLC003 controller listed in the config file if it is unsupported, or is there something else wrong?

The only device on the SCSI chain is the KXL-783A CD drive, and it works under Windows 9x.

-- Mike

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