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Question Adaptec SlimSCSI & Mustek Scanner 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, May 24
From: Nils Pickert <>

Hi, I am using a Network PII-233 Notebook (which is made by Gericom and sold as Network 1100MT by Mediamarkt in Germany) with an Adaptec SlimSCSI-Controller. The Controller works fine when using a ZIP-Drive, but does not recognize a Mustek 6200 scanner. (Only: 1 host found, Zipdrive with ID 6...)

I have SCSI support compiled in, my Kernel is 2.2.15, SCSI Disk and Generic-Device support are compiled in as well. The SCSI-IDs are set correctly (Zip: 6, Scanner 3 or 7), the bus is terminated. Windows detects the Scanner as "Unknown Device", but gives the nearly correct ID "Mustek yyy6200üüü" in the Hardware-Info thingy.

I already tried different combinations for the SCSI-Bus-topology: first ZIP, then Scanner and vice versa, Scanner only, Zip only. None of them seems to work, the computer never finds the scanner, the ZIP works perfectly.

What am I doing wrong, or is it something serious?

Thanks in advance,

nils pickert

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