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Ok Ricoh MP8040SE works for writing 

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Re: Question Ricoh MP8040SE (Raoul Golan)
Date: 2000, Nov 05
From: Paulo R. Cavalcanti roma

The Ricoh MP8040SE uses the same pcmcia scsi card of the HP CDW m820e and Panassonic KXL-RW10A, indeed. All of them work with the Ninja driver ( Unfortunately, all of the sites about the scsi card are written in Japanese. I tried the latest version contained in NinjaSCSI3-1.0.3.tar.gz and had no success at all. Then I used the previous version, NinjaSCSI3-1.0.2.tar.gz, and got promissing results in 16 bits mode.

I have a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop running Windows 98 and RedHat 6.2 (Linux My current pcmcia package is pcmcia-cs-3.1.19. The reason is because I bought a D-Link DFE-650 recently, and I had to upgrade the package for making the new chipset of D-Link work with Linux.

I compiled everything together with no problem. I strongly recommend installing forms first, so you will have cardinfo working, which is very helpful to check your pcmcia card status (put them up and down, etc...).

I mounted the CD-RW in read-only mode, using scd0. However, if I use a file manager or even netscape for reading a large file, the computer hangs.

Surprisingly enough, it seems to be no problem writing CD's using either xcdroast or kisocd. In my opinion, kisocd is a better choice (does anyone know why xcdroast allows the dangerous partition option for creating images?).

I recorded a CD-RW in 2x speed. Erase it, recorded againg and everything was fine. I did not try any audio yet.

Actually, despite of the fact that I do not like Windows, Adaptec Easy-CD creator is much better. I have been using mkisofs to create CD images on my Windows partition, and all I have to do is reboot the computer and burn the CD in Windows.

I have also installed the UDF (udf- patch for supporting CD's formatted this way. It works well (although a little bit slow yet) with my DVD Rom. I would like to test it with my Ricoh CD-RW also, but had no time yet.

I would like to thank David Hinds for making all these damn cards working. I really believe it is not easy. Maybe soon we will have very good quality drivers for all devices in Linux too, and I will not fell like a Kamikaze burning CDs in Linux.

If anyone find out anything new about this Ninja driver, please let me know.

Paulo R. Cavalcanti

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