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Question Bus Toaster Freezes my box. 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Date: 1999, Dec 08
From: Francisco Escarpa PacoEscarpa

I'm using SuSE Linux with 2.2.13 kernel, and pcmcia_cs 3.1.4.

As soon I insert the card in the running system, it reboots when the driver begins to run; If I insert the card and then boot the machine, it ( usualy ) works, and recognize the host, - I give a serie of messages about fast PIO error, and the devices ( Minolta scanner and Iomega Zip drive ) are not recognized.

I use the following /etc/rc.d/pcmcia options:

    # Should be either i82365 or tcic
    # Put socket driver timing parameters here
    # Put pcmcia_core options here
    # Put cardmgr options here

and /etc/pcmcia/config device "sym53c500_cs" class"scsi"module"scsi/scsi_mod","scsi/sd_mod","scsi/sg","sym53c500_cs"

If somebody is using this card and / or scanner, I will be very pleased to receive ideas, comments, ...

Thanks in advance,


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