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Feedback Same sympthoms as HP 820e.

Re: Question Panasonic KXL-RW10A CD-RW almost working (Karl Oberjohn)
Date: 2000, Aug 04
From: Alberto Gonzalez Palomo matmota

Hi, Karl.

I have been experiencing exactly the same sympthoms with
the HP CDW m820e since I got the 1.0 driver version from
Hiroshi. Previously, the only thing that worked was audio

I have tested with kernel releases 2.2.5, 2.2.12, 2.2.13,
2.2.14, and 2.2.15, and with various pcmcia-cs releases
in the 3.1.8 - 3.1.14 range, with essentially constant
results. Also compiling with gcc 2.72 or 2.95 didn't seem
to make a difference.

I sent some commented log files to Hiroshi. When the
problem seems to begin, the logs show a repetition of
the message "NinjaSCSI3 Interrupt" (or similar), which
seems to indicate a problem with interrupt handling.
I tried to change as many options as I could in the
nin_cs.c file, but without any result.

When I installed it under Windows NT, I had to choose
the "non IRQ" version of the driver, as it wouldn't
work with the default one. I remember reading somewhere,
probably in the driver's installation help, that this
is necessary for some TI pccard chipsets.
My Asus F7400 has the same TI 1220 controller, which
makes me suspect that this could be a IRQ handling
problem in that chipset.

However, in the nin_cs.c file there is a comment stating
that the driver doesn't use interrupts, so I don't know
what more to try.

There is an experimental version for the 2.4 kernel.
¿Have you tried it?

If you get any result, even if it doesn't really work,
please post it here. I would like to know of it.

Alberto González Palomo

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1. Feedback No problems here by Philipp Huenerberg, 2000, Aug 05

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