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Question Apa1480 cardbus + Fujitsu M2513A MO drive problem

Date: 1999, Dec 12
From: Hin-Tak

MO drive doesn't want to mount disk when connected to
laptop via Apa1480 (formatted by a pentium desktop with AHA2940 card, same drive). Time out and then complains of too many filesystem mounted, wrong fstype etc.

Kernel message: (scsi:0:4:0) Parity error during Data-In phase

pcmcia package on laptop(Sony Viao F350): 3.0.14 as
shipped with Slackware 7; kernel 2.2.13 recompiled with
gcc 2.95.2. The Apa1480 card on the laptop works perfectly 
with an OEM Teac CD-R55S (cd recorder) with Schilly's cdrecord. Scsi core and the 4 drivers are all compiled into the kernel. I also have a cardbus 3com ethernet card which works happily. I don't usually use both simultaneously, so probably irrelevant.

Desktop has kernel 2.2.10 compiled with egcs 1.1.2 before the upgrade to slackware 7. 

Separately, Pcmcia APA1480 SCSI card works (laptop + cd writer) and the Fujitsu M2513A MO drive works (desktop + AHA2940). But put together, they don't. 

Is this the problem mentioned in the "KNOWN BUGS" of pcmcia 3.1.15 about the apa1480_cs being a bit quirky about exotic scsi hardware? Would upgrading to 3.1.16 help?

Except for the "Parity error during Data-In phase" message, 
syslog shows the usual thing: card detected, drive detected, etc. 

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1. None Maybe a kernel version issue by David Hinds, 1999, Dec 13

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