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Question Backup Freezing Problems with APA-1480A & Sony DAT Tape Drive 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Date: 2000, Jan 31
From: <>


I am experiencing systematic scsi transfer freezings after 4-8 min (400-800MB) of backing up with the configuration below. This happens as well when transfering data via tar as with the bought Arkeia backup software. Again, it happens as well with the APA-1480 as with the APA-1460 card.

With the APA-1480, it is at least possible to shut down the application. With the APA-1460, the whole Laptop freezes.

Dave Hinds suggested for the APA-1460 to disable disconnection / reconnection support (module "aha152x_cs" opts "reconnect=0"), which works great for the APA-1460A somebody gave me for testing. Now, since I have the same problem with my APA-1480A, I tried this setting on module "aha1480_cb" ..., but then, no SCSI device shows up anymore ! Without the latter setting on aha1480_cb, I can see and address all the connected SCSI devices but have the tape freezing problem. Any hint here ? Is the disconnection / reconnection managed differently ?

Btw. when I start the laptop with the APA-1480 adapter plugged in without any connected scsi device, the laptop freezes upon detecting the APA-1480 itself. However, booting with the adapter and at least one SCSI device connected, there is no problem. Could this be linked to the above problem ?

Generally, when connecting a SCSI disk instead of the tape drive however, there seems to be no problem, even when transferring large amounts of data. The cable is OK, the termination is the same. The tape drive works perfectly in this configuration under Windows NT4.0 (on the same laptop).

Would you have a hint at which settings/logs to look at ? Is it a problem to specifically connect a SCSI DAT tape drive to the APA-1480A ?

Thank you in advance, Best regards, Pierre.

My configuration: Hardware: IBM Thinkpad 600 / 128 MB RAM, Adaptec APA-1480B, Cardbus PCMCIA-SCSI adapter or Adaptec APA-1460A Slim SCSI adapter, Sony SDT-S9000 DAT DDS3 tape drive with active termination

Software: SuSE Linux 6.3, Kernel (new, compiled) 2.2.14, PCMCIA 3.19 (18.01.2000), tar Arkeia v4.2 backup SW

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1. Idea load st-module by changing file /etc/pcmcia/config by Peter Sondhauss, 2000, Feb 15

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