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Idea load st-module by changing file /etc/pcmcia/config 

Forum: PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Issues
Re: Question Backup Freezing Problems with APA-1480A & Sony DAT Tape Drive
Date: 2000, Feb 15
From: Peter Sondhauss <>

Dear Pierre,

I had very similar problems using DDS3 DAT drives with a Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460D adaptor under SuSE-Linux 6.2. I could read tapes, but when I tried to write, the system freezed earlier or later

In my case the reason was, that the system seemed to lack tape-support, although the kernel was compiled with built-in tape-support. It helped to load the st-module before the device driver module (in my case aha152x_cs) by modifying the file /etc/pcmcia/config:

 device "aha152x_cs"
   class "scsi" module "scsi/st", "aha152x_cs"

(see also the PCMCIA-Howto section 4.5 "PCMCIA SCSI adapters").

Probably this helps you, too.

-- Peter

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