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Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Re: Question wrong UART detected (Jaime V Miro)
Date: 1999, Nov 04
From: David Hinds <>

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 04:56:27AM -0800, Jaime V Miro wrote:

> Is there any way to force the driver to use a particular UART?

You are certainly free to use the "setserial" command to set the UART
type (or to retry the UART autodetection).  However, I wonder if this
is fixing a symptom rather than the real problem.

An obvious question would be, regardless of whether it says it is a
16550 or an 8250 UART, does the port work?  (if the only problem is
the UART detection, then the card should still work, with somewhat
reduced performance)

You say that kernel 2.0.36 and PCMCIA 3.0.12 is the only combination
that ever detects a 16550 UART (but only sometimes)?  That's odd... I
can't think of a good reason for how that could be.  In my experience,
the most common cause of UART misdetection is an IO port conflict.
Which would not be kernel (or PCMCIA driver) dependent.

-- Dave

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