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Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Date: 2000, Feb 03
From: Alessandro Russo <>

I'm having different troubles with 2 modem cards. 


System brand & model: Toshiba 4010CDT
Linux version: 2.2.14 (mandrake 7.0)
Pcmcia version: 3.1.9


1) card: 56000bps UltraSpeed

What happens is precisely the same as John Ruttenberg
described in message 10. Everything is fine from the logs,
but the modem doesn't work. But if I do (assuming that
5 was the irq assigned by pcmcia, but it works with other

setserial /dev/modem irq 0
setserial /dev/modem irq 5

then everything is ok. Tha card can also be swapped.

This card used to work perfectly with Suse 5.3 on the
same computer.

It works perfectly on a Toshiba 4030CDT
with redhat 6.1 (kernel 2.2.12, PCMCIA 3.0.14)


2) card: 3COM 3CXM756 Global GSM and Modem PC Card

What happens is similar to what described by Jaime V Miro
in message 1. The UART detected is wrong, it is 8250 
instead of 16550A (for the other card the UART detection
is fine) and the modem doesn't work. I have not been able
to make it working by changing UART and irq with setserial.

Also this card works perfectly on my Toshiba 4030CDT
with redhat 6.1 (kernel 2.2.12, PCMCIA 3.0.14)


I also have a 3C598D ethernet CARD that works well in both
computers and in all slots.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


Alessandro Russo
"Microsoft is learning a hard lesson with Linux, 
namely that there is more to life than product marketing"

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1. None At least the first part is fixed in 3.1.10 by David Hinds, 2000, Feb 03

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