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Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Re: Question Trouble with FM560CB modem card (Martin Buck)
Re: None Maybe a resource conflict (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Feb 24
From: Martin Buck <>

I now tried the exclude statement you suggested, but that didn't help. As in the case when I used both the modem and the Ethernet card at the same time, the modem got 0xaf8/5 and didn't work. I also tried some other exclude statements to force the modem to other addresses like 0x2e8 etc., but I never got anything else than "autoconfig failed".

What does serial_cs do if autoconfig fails? Does it leave the card at the address it assigned before doing the autoconfig, or does it disable the card afterwards? Because I also tried using setserial to configure the card manually, but I only got I/O errors when trying to open the serial device. Of course, if serial_cs disables the card when autoconfig failes, this cannot work.

The parse errors from dump_cis still worry me. Could they cause these problems?


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