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Question modem looks like it is working but I cannot communicate with it 

Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Date: 2000, May 19
From: Randy Smith randysmith

I have a TI cardbus controller and a modem card. Here are the
log files...

pcmcia start

Linux PCMCIA Card Services 3.1.15
kernel build: 2.2.15 #1 Thu May 11 16:19:36 EDT 2000
options:  [pci] [cardbus] [pnp]
PCI routing table version 1.0 at 0xf82b0
PnP: PNP BIOS installation structure at 0xc00f7bd0
PnP: PNP BIOS version 1.0, entry at f0000:7344, dseg at f0000
Intel PCIC probe:
TI 1221 rev 00 PCI-to-CardBus at slot 00:10, mem 0x68000000
host opts [0]: [pci only] [pci irq 10] [lat 168/176] [bus 32/34]
host opts [1]: [pci only] [pci irq 10] [lat 168/176] [bus 35/37]
PCI card interrupts, PCI status changes
cardmgr[634]: starting, version is 3.1.15
cardmgr[634]: watching 2 sockets
cs: IO port probe 0x0c00-0x0cff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x0800-0x08ff: clean.
cs: IO port probe 0x0100-0x04ff: excluding 0x110-0x117
cs: IO port probe 0x0a00-0x0aff: clean.

insert the modem card:
(two high beeps heard)

cardmgr[634]: initializing socket 0
cardmgr[634]: socket 0: Cirrus Logic 14.4K Fax Modem
cs: memory probe 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff: clean.
cardmgr[634]: executing: 'modprobe serial_cs'
tty02 at 0x0af8 (irq = 10) is a 16550A
cardmgr[634]: executing: './serial start ttyS2'

At this point it looks like it should be working, but I cannot 
communicate with the card.

randys:/etc/pcmcia # ditty /dev/ttyS2
TCGETA: I/O error

Now, I also have another pcmcia interface that plugs into the
ISA bus. This modem works with that interface just fine. The
above "ditty" will show the current config status of it.

Any suggestions?

Randy Smith

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1. None A bug; fixed in the 19-May-00 beta drivers by David Hinds, 2000, May 19
(_ More That fixed the modem by Randy Smith, 2000, May 19

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