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Question Kingmax PCMCIA modem 

Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Date: 2000, May 26
From: Grady Luffman Grady

...trying to get a Kingmax PCMCIA modem card to work on a laptop running RH Linux 6.1. Here's the dump:

The card is listed in the Linux Modem Compatibility Index (with no defining information):
         Kingmax Technology, MGA-FM336C-KF.  (not supported?)

The socket controller is the Cirrus Logic PD6729 PCI-to-PCMCIA bridge, located at bus 0 slot 24, port 0x3000, with 2 sockets:

1. The PCIC probe is picking up the controller correctly (as "Cirrus PD6729 PCI-to-PCMCIA bridge...) 2. /proc/pci shows device at bus 0, slot 24, I/O at 0x3000 [0x3001], slow devsel 3. /etc/sysconfig/hwconf shows:

          class:    other
            bus:    PCI
       detached:    0
        driver :    Card: Cirrus Logic GD6729
           desc:    "Cirrus Logic | CL6729"
       vendorID:    1013
       deviceID:    1100

4. 'lsmod' shows the i82365 and pcmcia_core modules loaded 5. /proc/ioports shows i82365 at 0x3000-0x3001

The controller appears to be functioning properly. The problem I think, is with the modem card.

Initially, when I first ran the startup script, 'cardmgr' mis-identified the modem card as an SVEC 10/100 Fast Ethernet Card which is bound to 'tulip_cb' (which caused memory problems). Since then, I've changed the entry in /pcmcia/config several times in an effort to get the card identified (without success). But at least now the cardmgr is beeping when you insert/remove the card. (Low beep on insertion). Funny though, different entries in the config file have resulted in 'cardctl' showing different 'manfid' numbers. Should the 'manfid' entries be the same as the 'vendor ID' and 'device ID' shown in 'hwconf'?

According to all I've read, I want to believe the card should work! I think I just need the correct entry to define the card in /pcmcia/config.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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1. Note solved by Grady Luffman, 2000, May 26

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