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Question IBM V.90 PC Card Modem with XJACK ... funcid: 254 (null) 

Forum: PCMCIA Serial and Modem Issues
Date: 2000, Nov 01
From: Tom Bradner wetclay

what's a fellow to do?

I have an IBM ThinkPad 760E.
Cardmgr fires up ok but didn't recognize the card.
So I inserted the card in /etc/pcmcia/config and it was happy.
After serial_cs is loaded it tells me, "serial_cs: IORequest = no more items".
That is then followed by "cardmgr: get dev info on socket 1 failed : Resource temporarily unavailable".

I have tried to glean what I can from some of the other postings. But alas, it may get down to either a different modem or some real work.

One last point. As mentioned in the title, the funcid returns a value of 254 (null). Perhaps I should get the big rubber stamp out and print 'LOSER' on my forehead. But I'll wait until someone confirms my suspicions.



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