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Ok OPTION GSM card works fine now ! 

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Re: Question OPTION GSM card under Linux (Bernhard Graf)
Date: 1999, Dec 08
From: Bernhard Graf bgraf

Hi Everybody,

I am sorry to say that, but it was a very simple error that kept the OPTION GSM-Ready card from going : The serial drivers were simply not enabled in the SuSE Linux Kernel ! After I did that, it worked, although somewhat funny. After enabling all serial functions and rebooting, the GSM card was announced by the PCMCIA system (i.e. cardinfo) as working as ttyS1. Using minicom, it also answered AT commands at ttyS1. Interestingly, wvdial, the TCL-based PPP-Dialer under SuSE Linux could not talk to the modem at ttyS1. Just for fun I tried ttyS0 and : BINGO ! it worked ! I bloody don't know why, but it now works perfect.

So I definitively can recommend to buy and use this PCMCIA GSM modem under Linux !!!

Greetings, Bernhard Graf

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