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More Could the problem be with the "lines=0" in the dump_cis output? 

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Re: Sad register_serial(): autoconfig failed (Inet Spider II card -- 16550 CDPD modem) (Scott Petrack)
Re: Note Oops, forgot cardctl -V and uname -rv (Scott Petrack)
Re: More compiled kernel-cs with pc_debug: "odd IO request" (Scott Petrack)
Date: 1999, Dec 27
From: Scott Petrack scott.petrack

The only place in the source where the "Odd IO Request message" occurs is in cs.c, and without any understanding of what's going on, could it be due to the fact that lines=0 in the output of cis_dump?

I crassly changed the code to put lines=10 (since this is what the ordinary serial modem card had), but it seems that I"ll need more luck than that.

I think that I've gone as far as I can go without actually learning and/or thinking (heaven forbid).

If it is the "lines=0" in the cis of the card, is there some nice thing I can do to override this?



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