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Question 1555CDS 3.0.14(Redhat 6.1) fails at bootup only 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 1999, Dec 05
From: Paul Tibbitts tibbitts

I have a new 1555CDS (PCI/Cardbus) and have the opposite
problem described in the documentation: at bootup I get
a low beep then high beep.  Unlike my ISA/Cardbus 335CDS,
I don't get a "clean" memory probe report in syslog, only
"excluding ...".  I have tried limiting ranges without
success so far.  I started with all the default 3.0.14
config files from Redhat.

In any case, cards report as "Anonymous memory" and fail
to config if inserted at boot time.  If the same card is
removed and reinserted any time after boot, it will be
configured properly.
If no card is inserted at boot, everything also works fine.

I'm using only older cards (modem, ethernet), no Cardbus
cards, and the Cardbus mode is turned off in the bios
(nothing worked until I disabled it).

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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1. Note Try the new package by Frederic FENOGLIETTO, 1999, Dec 06

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