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Feedback Re: Xircom Modem Problems on Tecra 8000 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Re: Question problem with Xircom RBEM56G 56K modem + 10/100 card on Tecra 8000
Date: 2000, Feb 08
From: Andreas Jungmaier ajung

The PCMCIA Howto mentions that you need to exclude some IRQ values on the Tecra 8000....

More detailed: Add the following line to the config.opts file in /etc/pcmcia :

------------- snip ---------------------

exclude irq 3

exclude irq 5

exclude irq 9

-------------- snip ---------------------

and delete all line that include these irqs, of course :-)

For me this worked well just now....anyways, thanks to David for keeping up that great work !!!

Cheers, Andreas

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