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Ok success: 3com MHz 3CCFEM556B and Tecra 8000 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Jan 13
From: George Betzos betzos

I have made a 3COM MHz 3CCFEM556B multifunction card to work
under redhat 6.1 on a Tecra 8000 (366MHz PII).

I had to make a change to the 3c574_cs.c driver program to
get it to allocate the I/O ports otherwise it failed to do so.

Now it runs mostly fine, at least with the 100BASE-TX
connection I am using. Occasionally I may get kernel messages
like that:

eth0: Too much work in interrupt, status 2091. (or 2011)
eth0: interrupt(s) dropped!

but I don't notice any problems using netscape, telnet, etc.

Also, cardmgr initially recognizes it as a memory card, but I
changed the init script to eject it and then reinsert it and
things are fine from that point on.

Please let me know if I should post the fixes.


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1. None "too much work", etc by David Hinds, 2000, Jan 13

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