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None "too much work", etc 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Re: Ok success: 3com MHz 3CCFEM556B and Tecra 8000 (George Betzos)
Date: 2000, Jan 13
From: David Hinds <>

It would be useful to post or send me the fixes.

The IO port allocation problem sounds particularly odd to me.

The "too much work" message is harmless/normal, and in later drivers,
has been changed to a debugging message so you won't see it.  It comes
up because 100baseT is fundamentally too fast for a 16-bit PCMCIA
card, so there's no way for the driver to pull data off the wire fast
enough to keep up.  So, it ends up having to stop itself from doing
too much work per interrupt... or your machine would slow to a crawl.

The card recognition problem should also be fixed in current drivers.

-- Dave

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