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Re: Sad Tecra 700CT + Linksys = "Tx timed out" (Judah Milgram)
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Date: 2000, Jan 30
From: Judah Milgram Jud

Thanks to David Hinds for providing the critical suggestion.

This works:

 Tecra 700CT
 Linux 2.2.6
 pcmcia 3.0.5 (or 6?)

Also worked: same as above with Linux 2.0.38 and pcmcia 3.0.9

also: just adding that PCIC option and doing restarting (with rc.pcmcia restart - maybe I also tried "stop"+"start") didn't work, I had to do a cold reboot. I addition, during much of this saga the machine was in resume mode without my noticing it; possibly this was a factor too.

Thanks again Dave!


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