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Question Tecra 8000 and Xircom realbus 10/100 +modem 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Feb 29
From: Pat Colbeck pcolbeck


I am running SuSE 6.3 on my Tecra8000 with a Xircom RealPort card. I have upgraded the kernel to 2.2.14 and the PCMCIA drivers to 3.1.11. I copied the Suse /sbin/init.d/pcmcia script over the generic one after upgrade as recommened. I have excluded the recommended IRQs for Tecras in config.opts.

On boot it fails loading the i82365 saying "device or resource busy"

Before I upgraded it loaded fine and the ethernet worked OK, the modem didn't though hence the upgrade.

In messages I see this:-

Intel PCIC probe:
  Bridge register mapping failed: check cb_mem_base settings
not found
ds: no socket drivers loaded!

I have confined the scan to irq 11 in rc.config but that hasn't helped.

Any help appreciated


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