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Question T8000 & RealPort - lockups, isdn, ... 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Mar 08
From: Rhys Morgan rmorgan


Having loaded the latest (3.1.12) version of the pcmcia card services, I have got past the "...cb_mem_base..." error.

However, this brings a new set of problems:

I can load ethernet (ifup eth0) and access other computers, but unloading (ifdown eth0 or on shutdown) causes the computer to lock up;

I can connect to the analogue modem (cu -lmodem) and issue AT commands, but dialling produces "NO CARRIER" error without making a call;

I would like to know what devices/settings I should set up for the isdn modem - the kernel & kISDN show a list of modems: does one match my card? Does the isdn modem "overlay" the analogue one, as seen in WinNT, such that they must be switched in or out?

Just to recap: I have a Toshiba Tecra8000 with a RealPort card, running a 2.2.9-17 kernel from RedHat. This is alongside WinNT4, as dualboot.

Thank you, Rhys

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