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Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Re: Idea Portege 660CDT/ToPIC95-B in dual CardBus/16-bit mode (Donald Hudson)
Date: 2000, Apr 01
From: David Hinds <>

Argh.  The i82365 module used to use the old PCIC power register for
ToPIC chipsets, but this turned out to also cause problems, and I can
tell you for certain that on at least some "ToPIC95B" chipsets, the
CardBus power register works fine.

Part of this seems connected to a totally brain dead attribute of the
ToPIC chips.  The vendor and device ID's of the ToPIC chips change
depending on the bridge setting in the BIOS.  I have datasheets that
describe a "ToPIC95" and a "ToPIC97", and give vendor and device ID's
for each.  However, in practice, the device ID's don't seem to reflect
what sort of chip you have: they only reflect this BIOS setting.

The next PCMCIA driver release will also report the "revision number",
which I hope might be more informative.  Until I can determine how to
tell which "ToPIC95B" chips need the patch, I can't apply it, because
it is a bad thing on other systems.

-- Dave

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