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Ok floppy_cs updated for 2.3.99pre3 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Apr 08
From: Rob Braun bbraun

For all the Libretto owners out there, I've updated David Bateman's floppy_cs-1.02 driver for the 2.3.99pre3 kernel, and I'll keep on top of it for the 2.4 release, if changes need to be made.

I've mailed my changes to David Bateman, so hopefully they will be incorporated into a new release of the floppy_cs driver. Until then, the kernel patch for the new kernel is available at:

The pcmcia portion of the floppy_cs driver works fine with 3.1.14 beta, once the kernel has been patched with the above patch.


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