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Question Intel Flash series 2+ card not recognized on Toshiba 4080XCDT 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, May 05
From: Dennis Gerasimov denger


I have toshiba 4080XCDT running redhat 6.1 with kernel 2.2.6 and pcmcia-cs version 3.1.14.

I also have this pesky flash card which is not recognized. The same card is recognized on a different laptop with same version of pcmcia-cs as a 20Mb series 2+ card (although it says 16Mb on the card).

The card also is recognized by windows 98 on the same laptop as MTD-A089 (???).

This is a 5v card, however on Toshiba cardctl config says:

Socket 0:
  Vcc 5.0V  Vpp1 0.0V  Vpp2 0.0V
  interface type is "memory and I/O"
  irq 5 [exclusive] [level]
  function 0:
    config base 0x0400
      option 0x60 status 0x00 copy 0x00
    io 0x0300-0x031f [auto]
Socket 1:
  Vcc 3.3V  Vpp1 3.3V  Vpp2 3.3V
  memory 0x1000-0x1fff @ 0x000e1000 [16bit]

Where the card is in socket 1.

I have tried many things: booting with the card, booting from windows into linux, inserting the card after boot, but nothing helps. I suspect the problem is that it gets the voltage wrong. Any way to force it to 5v?

Thanks for any help!

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