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Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Re: Sad 3.1.15 fatal crash (Toshiba laptop w Xircom CBEII-10/100) (Fabien Tassin)
Re: None More messages might help (David Hinds)
Date: 2000, Jun 03
From: Fabien Tassin fta

> > When it is working, here is the output of 'insmod i82365.o' :

> So are these messages from the pre-3.1.15 drivers, or the
> 3.1.15 drivers booted in single user mode?

3.1.15 in single user mode.

> (it would be useful to compare those two cases)

as previously mentionned, I no longer have the pre-3.1.15
source tree :(

> Looking at the changes in 3.1.15, I'm not seeing any good
> candidates for where the bug might be.  I assume you did
> not change anything else around the time you tried to
> upgrade to 3.1.15?  (no kernel > changes?
> no changes in how other devices are configured?)

I've investigated a bit to understand why it is working in single
user mode and found that the problem occurs when ALSA drivers
are loaded before PCMCIA. I have a sound card that requires
the latest CVS ALSA source tree in order to work (a YAMAHA
YMF-744B card supported by the new ymfpci.o module).

BTW, I had no problem with PCMCIA pre-3.1.15 and ALSA
CVS-2000-05-31. It started to crash with PCMCIA 3.1.15
(or pre-3.1.16) and ALSA CVS-2000-06-02. I've upgraded ALSA
first and AFAIR it was still working..

I'll try to look more deeply into this later..

OTOH, I'm not able to pass packets through my Xircom card
until I enable the promiscuous-mode. With pre-3.1.15, 
a ifdown/ifup was usually enough.

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