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Sad Very strange pcmcia problem 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Jul 19
From: Tony Chaveiro <>

Hi. I've a Toshiba Satellite 2100CDS with Redhat 6.2 and a Silicom Fast Ethernet Cardbus adapter.

Since this card is a so-called "unsupported card" I tried to use different drivers. When I tried "tulip_cb", cardmgr seemed to configure my card and using ifconfig I was able to see eth0 (ip, netmask and gateway

When I tried to ping (my IP) it worked fine and ping to also worked ok... I just couldn't ping to another computer (ex: ping report was: destination host unreachable!

The next day however ping reports 1 packet received, the rest is loss and ping to reports 100% packet loss... route seems to lookup the computer... Only ctrl +c lets me recover the bash... I already excluded io 0x200-0x2ff from config.opts because a have a sounblaster Maestro soundcard with seems to use this port

the carbus uses now 0x400-0x47f irq 10

i'm pretty much desperate, Any ideas?


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