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Question Toshiba Satellite 2675 DVD hangs on first boot after installing RH6.2 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 2000, Aug 10
From: Nicolas Malsch nick


I just bought a couple of Toshiba Satellite 2675 DVD for work and tried to install RH6.2 on them. Everything seems to run smoothly during installation. The problem appears on the first boot after installation (Of the boot disk as I have dual boot with NT). The computer hangs forever after: Starting PCMCIA No [OK], nothing. If you power cycle, you mess up the partitions badly and he gets you into repair mode. After running fsck, you are in read only mode and unable to modify any configuration file or desable the PCMCIA on boot...

If you reboot, you get into the same trouble again. I didn't try to boot using 'linux single'. Knowing that I could install RH6.1 with no trouble, I decided to install 6.1 and upgrade to 6.2 which worked fine. Booting into 'linux single' probably allows me to disable PCMCIA...

If anybody knows what the problem is (I believe it is some stuff in the RH6.2 release), I would be super happy to understand what is going on.

	Cheers, Nick

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1. None Probably an interrupt probe problem by David Hinds, 2000, Aug 10

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