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Question PCMCIA on Toshiba satellite 2590 XDVD + Xircom REM 56G- 100 BTX 

Forum: PCMCIA on Toshiba laptops
Date: 1999, Nov 29
From: Thierry Corlay thierry.corlay

I am newbie to linux and trying to make that damned card working. Kernel is 2.2.13, with Mandrake 6.1 and PCMCIA 3.3.5.

I have recompiled the kernel,because with the standard package it was hanging at start-up (card was recognised with two beeps)so I change the setup not to start pcmcia at start-up and recompiled the kernel with no problem. I also recompiled the pcmcia package, also OK.

What happens is nothing starting at start-up, I can load modules at hand, but the card is not correctly recognised.

I believe, I missed something with modules installation but I don't know where.
Could somebody help.

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1. None Don't try loading modules by hand by David Hinds, 1999, Nov 29

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