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News PCMCIA driver release 3.0.0 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 1998, Feb 20
From: David Hinds dhinds

Finally, the long awaited official release of PCMCIA 3.0.0!

See for a mostly complete list of the (many) changes from 2.9.12. The PCMCIA-HOWTO has also been updated, reorganized, and expanded.

The core PCMCIA modules now include (experimental) support for CardBus cards. There is only one CardBus driver at the moment, for the 3Com 3c575TX fast ethernet adapter. The driver uses the same source file as the 3c59x PCI driver. I haven't figured out a long-term solution to where this file should reside: it will eventually be part of the regular kernel, and I don't want to duplicate it in the PCMCIA package. So it is not included in the 3.0.0 "tar" package. It is available at To use the file, copy it to to pcmcia-cs-3.0.0/modules, and do:

    make MODULES=3c59x_cb.o install

Maintainers of contributed PCMCIA drivers should check the new k_compat.h header for changes made to accommodate recent 2.1-series kernel interface changes.

-- Dave

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