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News PCMCIA driver release 3.0.6 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 1998, Nov 21
From: David Hinds dhinds

This release has been slow to arrive because I was hoping to hold off until a few key problems were resolved. Though some serious problems remain, I think the number of accumulated fixes justifies a new release.

CardBus support continues to stabilize, slowly but surely. The 3c575 driver has seen several improvements. Newer 3CCFE575 cards should work fine now (well, let's say that there should not be any 3CCFE575-specific problems). The driver also should no longer lock up if a 3c575 is hot ejected. I've changed the CardBus controller initialization to improve performance, by enabling burst transfers and write posting. ToPIC95 chipset support is much improved, and seems to actually work reliably for many people. ToPIC97 and O2Micro chipsets both seem to suffer from some interrupt configuration problems that I haven't been able to figure out by staring at datasheets.

CardBus and PCI interrupts still are not getting along. The basic problem is Microsoft's PC98 spec... which decreed that the BIOS should not initialize the PCI interrupt settings for non-boot devices, which include CardBus bridges. And Linux is basically not a PnP OS, so it doesn't provide any appropriate hooks for retrieving the interrupt routing information. So the Linux PCMCIA code is left having to guess the interrupt routing for CardBus bridges, which turns out to be fairly hard. So 3.0.6 still defaults to not using PCI interrupts.

The 3c574/3CCFEM556B driver is still broken. There seems to be an initialization problem... for some people, the card works perfectly fine, but for others (including me), the card does not respond at all.

Other annoying bugs finally fixed: the D-Link and related NE2000-compatible 100baseT cards should now work fine without any weird startup gymnastics. IDE cards that are slow to spin up should no longer need the old "unreset_delay" option. 3.0.6 compiles cleanly with the latest 2.1.* kernels, though the APA1480 driver is broken from 2.1.125 onwards.

-- Dave

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