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News PCMCIA driver release 3.1.7 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 1999, Dec 17
From: David Hinds <>

This is essentially a pure bug fix release...

It appears that all versions of the 3c575_cb driver (and 3c59x driver in the kernel tree) have a bug in the "too much work in interrupt" handler code. The symptom is that you get one of these messages, network traffic ceases, and your system wedges some time later, maybe after a transmit timeout or at card eject time. It is fixed in this release.

I removed the PCI interrupt detection code from the i82365 module because it has never been reliable, and in fact is often dangerous. There is now yet another module parameter, pci_irq_list, that you can use to directly enter the PCI interrupt assignments for your PCI sockets, if necessary. It should rarely be needed on newer laptops with newer kernels and/or when PCMCIA is built with PnP BIOS support turned on.

A new cardmgr feature in 3.1.6 (wildcard matching for config file inclusions) turned out to be glibc dependent, so I've re-done it to also work on libc5.

And there are a few other less interesting bug fixes too.

-- Dave

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