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None PCMCIA driver release 3.1.13 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 2000, Mar 15
From: David Hinds <>

This was a fairly minor update. The most important bug fix was to correct a problem in the ray_cs driver, that I introduced in the 3.1.12 patch. There are also several improvements in the PCI interrupt configuration code for CardBus bridges, for systems with less common PCI southbridges.

I also finished adding support for Cirrus PD6729-based card readers like the Elan P series. Apparently, these are going to be widely used for some future wireless products.

Here is a probably incomplete list of things on my to-do list:

 - clean up builds against 2.3.* kernels, and hopefully fix some 2.3 bugs
 - incorporate some new socket drivers for non-x86 platforms (specifically, ARM and MPC8xx)
 - sort out handling of newer D-Link DFE-650 cards
 - sort out support for AX88190 based NE2000 clones
 - clean up some code that uses deprecated kernel API's

-- Dave

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