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News PCMCIA driver release 3.1.14 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 2000, Apr 11
From: David Hinds <>

There are no major changes in functionality in this release.

This release has a number of bug fixes, some important. One serious bug caused panics in the latest 2.2.* kernels when the i82365 module was unloaded; this bug is in the Red Hat 6.2 release. There are several fixes for PCI interrupt configuration with CardBus bridges. This code has been gradually improving over the past few releases. I've added some new information to the HOWTO and the i82365 man page to explain how interrupts are configured.

Courtesy of Jean Tourrilhes, there is a new config script for setting wireless network parameters for cards that support the linux wireless extensions. See the comments in etc/wireless.opts for more information.

I've added some low level code to support unusual socket controllers for non-Intel platforms. Motorola mpc8xx and ARM socket drivers are in the works.

I've verified that this release builds cleanly against 2.0.38, 2.2.15pre15, and 2.3.99pre3 kernels.

-- Dave

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