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News PCMCIA driver release 3.1.18 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 2000, Jul 11
From: David Hinds <>

This is mostly a minor bugfix release. I fixed a bunch of script problems. The only potentially tricky change was to make the card identification code use 16-bit memory windows instead of the old 8-bit windows. This fixes a reported problem with one oddball card that doesn't seem to support 8-bit accesses. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it doesn't break other oddball cards that don't support 16-bit accesses. I had been pretty sure that 8-bit support was required by the PC Card Standard, but what do I know?

Oh... the wvlan_cs driver in this release should work properly both with the older Lucent 4.* firmware as well as with the current 6.* firmware.

-- Dave

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