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News PCMCIA driver release 2.9.5 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 1997, Apr 24
From: David Hinds dhinds

This release adds support for a couple cards that are slight variations of other already supported cards: the 3c562D, and the Quatech quad serial card. The IBM Token Ring and WaveLAN drivers have also been updated. For the WaveLAN, you'll find a new set of wireless tools in

The i82365 controller probe code continues to evolve (or is it devolve?). This release should fix major problems with detection of multiple controllers. I think this will fix the last of the bugs I know about, so if you're still having trouble, let me know.

One somewhat significant new feature is support and documentation for setting up ``initrd'' ram disk images for mounting the root filesystem from a PCMCIA device. There's a new section in the HOWTO describing how to do it, and a helper script for creating the images, called ``pcinitrd''. This is somewhat tricky to get working, and introduces some chicken-and-egg problems if you're trying to install Linux for the first time onto a PCMCIA device and don't have access to another Linux system for compiling kernels and drivers. Hopefully, similar capabilities can be included in future Linux distributions.

-- Dave

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