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News PCMCIA driver release 2.9.8 

Forum: Announcements of PCMCIA driver updates
Date: 1997, Sep 05
From: David Hinds dhinds

Changes from previous releases are at

Memory card support has been rewritten for this release: the functionality of the old pcmem_cs driver has been merged into the memory_cs driver, and pcmem_cs has been removed. If you used the pcmem_cs driver in the past, check the instructions in the PCMCIA-HOWTO and the memory_cs man page to see how to use the new driver.

The 2.9.8 drivers should restore clean compiles with 1.2.13 kernels, as well as compiling against the latest 2.1.* development kernels.

Other significant changes include updates for the Xircom Netwave and ethernet drivers, and new support for the Motorola Mariner cards.

-- Dave

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